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March is the perfect time to get you lawn ready for summer, a renovation involves removing the undesirable, moss, thatch, lateral growth, weeds etc and replacing with the desirable new, strong, healthily grass plants.

How long will it take?

The time taken on the Renovation will firstly depend on the condition and size of your lawn, how many visits are required and if any other tasks are taken on at the same time like levelling, adding drainage, cutting in borders etc.

What will you do?

On the first visit a moss and weed treatment will be applied, then 10 to 14 days later most of the work will or should be completed in between 1 to 3 days, then there would be one or two follow up visits in the next 10 to 14 days, a further visit to make the first cut and apply a liquid fertilizer application between 14 and 21 days, then if needed weekly cuts until normal maintenance would commence or until the property owner takes over maintenance.

How long before I see the end result?

From start to finish the full process will take between 6 and 10 weeks depending on the condition of the existing lawn, weather conditions and temperatures.

Can I do it my self?

Yes you can but to achieve the desirable end result you do need quite a lot of professional equipment that may, at worst only be used once and at best, be used once a year.

What do you do during a lawn renovation?

There are a few steps to take; we would cut the grass back to an acceptable length before applying a weed and moss killer, this needs to be left for between 2 and three weeks, if the lawn is more than 50% moss then the best approach would probably be to kill the whole lawn and start again.

The next step is to scarify the lawn and remove all the dead weeds and moss, this will need doing multiple times, normally it is possible to do this on the same day but sometimes it is necessary to repeat the moss treatment again and re scarify.

Next if there are any low spots these can be filled in and levelled.

A pre seed granular fertilizer would then be applied followed by seeding.

The surface if then “top dressed” with either soil or compost.

Lastly the seed needs to be kept damp or moist for the next couple of weeks, germination should occur in the next 7 to 14 days.

Lastly it’s a case of assessing and progress cutting and a liquid fertilizer can be applied to help progress of the new grass.

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